We are setting new standards for bridal party dressing. We are breaking free from traditional looks and introducing new ways of dressing in style.

For the bold, fierce bridal party; we have statement dresses that will turn heads! Shop our unique and modern bridesmaids dresses from plunging necklines to barely-there backs and daring slits.

Why spend on a dress you will never wear again? Wouldn’t you rather be dripping in good taste and feel confident in a dress that reflects who you are?

So angels, what’s your dress vibe?

Be true to who are you; don’t let tradition override your style. After all, happy girls are the prettiest.

Make an appointment to browse our Designer brands carefully selected for the modern tribe!

Prices range from $250 to $800

L.V. Couture

Bespoke service for the unique bridal party.

Prices begin at $600 and vary depending on fabric and style.